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NEW for 2015! El Viaje    
El Viaje is a 12 year musical journey that includes new compositions and reimagined arrangements of works from our past 5 albums. Recorded and produced by Quijeremá at Musiquito Studios over the last 2 years, it is a proud moment for us to share this with you.

These 27 songs are the ones which our audiences have asked us to play, or that the musicians in quijeremá wanted to perform.  Thus, this is an instinctive selection. Over these 12 years we have collaborated with many magnificent musicians from the usa, puerto rico, colombia, venezuela, méxico, uruguay, canada and chile. Many of whom our featured here including Alex de Grassi, John Santos and Jose Séves of Inti-Ilimani among others.

These musicians understand that some music has no borders, dwells in the unconscious, congregates the moment and speaks from the celestial—we thank all who made these recordings fragments of light. 

Also included are musical interludes we have made for films - many of which we never perform live, though they are an integral part of our experimentation and impromptu studio and in-situ creation.
Quijeremá started as a trio and in many ways functions as a trio, though our music is made of many wonderful collaborations. The three of us: Quique Cruz, Jeremy Allen and Maria Fernanda Acuña, graciously offer this album to you to enjoy.  purchase your copy

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"Using various methods of artistic expression, Quijeremá is more than just a band.They are poets and multi-media designers. Combining sounds from almost all over Latin America, their music contains a multi-cultural vibe that is guaranteed to impress anyone." -- SF ReMezcla

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